Hodgson Studio

Wimberley, Texas

We are delighted to be able to show and sell our work through Brieger Pottery!

We began working in clay almost 30 years ago because we loved using handmade pottery. We continue to be inspired by the beauty we find in function and form, the process of making pots, and the joy that using handmade pottery brings to our daily life.

At our studio near Wimberley, Texas, we combine age-old techniques and modern tools with our own sense of design to produce a full line of one-of-a-kind, functional, handmade pottery. We use both the potter’s wheel and slab roller in the construction of our pots. As we work together in the studio, we are able to collaborate on ideas and construction methods.

All of our pots are made to be used. They are glazed with lead-free, food safe glazes, and high fired for durability and beauty. We currently use a stoneware clay body that is fired to around 2400 degrees F. At this temperature, the finished pots are very durable and suitable for use as dinnerware and serving pieces. All of our pots are dishwasher, microwave and oven safe.

Throughout our years working in clay, we’ve made many changes, but what has remained constant is our love of function and form, our passion for the process of making pots, and the joy we find in using hand made pottery. This is what drew us to clay in the first place, and it remains at the heart of our work today.

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