Handmade Pottery


Our pottery is made to be used and function well. Many of the items we make are meant to be part of your daily life. From your morning cup of tea or coffee to a baking dish filled with a casserole hot out of the oven that you take to a potluck. A beautiful salad made of fresh greens, homegrown tomatoes, and locally produced goat cheese, served out of and into handmade bowls. Iced tea or fresh lemonade poured from a pitcher and into tumblers made by hand. Hors d'oeuvres presented on a variety of small serving pieces, each with its own distinctive glaze or design. Dinner served on a complete set of plates made by … ok, ok, you get the point. We believe that all food is enhanced by being in or on handmade pottery and we hope our work will be used and serve you well for many years to come.

                                       – Thanks Jan and Jon

P.S. Don’t forget fresh flowers in a handmade vase! We get ours from our good friends Pam and Frank Aronsky at the Blue Barn. www.texascolor.com


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Handmade Pottery

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