All is One: Sharon Parker Trahan

A wonderful artist making hand-brushed calligraphy wall hangings and cards. Her line of “All is One” work reflects a lifelong study of many faiths, cultures and beliefs. Sharon’s calligraphy expresses her belief that there is an inner light within us all. She uses hemp, cotton and recycled fabric and paper. The beautiful wall hangings often express her quest of finding unity within ourselves and peace with others.

Vintage Green : Jan Brieger

In addition to being a potter and running the store, Jan’s love of fabrics and textiles has blended with her firm belief in recycling and being environmentally conscious. A corner of the shop is now dedicated to Vintage Green, an ever changing line of good quality, gently loved, recycled clothing. Come find some great priced garments at Vintage Green.

Hand Painted Nichos: Nan Hanus

Along with being a professional chef, Nan enjoys hand-painting nichos that she fills with subjects and objects dear to her heart: Frida Kahlo, the Virgin of Guadalupe, and all things Mexico, just to name a few. She also constructs beautiful greeting cards with vintage graphics and glitter that are hard to resist.


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Pottery: Michael & Gaye Lynn Hodgson

We are delighted to be able to show and sell our work through Brieger Pottery! At our studio near Wimberley, Texas, we combine age-old techniques and modern tools with our own sense of design to produce a full line of one-of-a-kind, functional, handmade pottery. We use both the potter’s wheel and slab roller in the construction of our pots.

Hill Country Lavender: Tasha Brieger

Hill Country Lavender’s year round location at Brieger Pottery offers more than 70 lavender-related products for sale, including nine varieties of soaps, sachets, lavender oil, linen spray, lavender bubble-bath, eye pillows and a variety of lavender-growing publications.  Also visit the farm throughout the lavender season, which runs from mid-May thru July.

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